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The 1st International Linguistics Olympiad

The jury awarded 7 medals (3 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze), as well as 3 team contest trophies and 9 best solution prizes.

Individual Contest Medalists

Medal Score Name Team
Gold 93 Alexandra Petrova St. Petersburg
Gold 90 Boris Turovsky Moscow
Gold 88 Eddin Najetovic Netherlands
Silver 81 Mirjam Plooij Netherlands
Silver 78 Maria Shkapa Moscow
Bronze 75 Polina Oskolskaya St. Petersburg
Bronze 74 Ivan Dobrev Bulgaria 1

Individual Contest Team Rankings

Place Average Score Team
1st 74.5 Netherlands
2nd 73.5 St. Petersburg
3rd 70.5 Moscow

Team Contest Trophies

Trophy Score Team
Gold 98 Netherlands
Silver 91 St. Petersburg
Bronze 83 Moscow

Best Solutions

Problem Name Team
2 Yulia Glazova St. Petersburg
4 Ivaylo Grozdev Bulgaria 3
4 Kadri Rosmaa Estonia
4 Alexandra Petrova St. Petersburg
5 Alexandra Petrova St. Petersburg
5 Margarita Borovkova Latvia
5 Ivaylo Grozdev Bulgaria 3
5 Jana Kuřetová Czech Republic
5 Maria Shkapa Moscow