Flag of Canada

Canada first competed in the IOL in 2011, and has competed in 7 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2017. They have sent 32 participants in 8 teams.

In competition, teams from Canada have brought home 6 medals (1 gold, 1 silver, and 4 bronze), 2 best-solution prizes, and 9 honorable mentions.

In addition, Canada has sent 1 Repeat Medalist to the Hall of Fame.

The anglophone team from Canada is chosen through NACLO, the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad. The francophone team from Canada is chosen through the Olympiade Linguistique Canadienne.

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2014 Gold Daniel Lovsted Canada
2014 Silver Yan Huang Canada
2015 Bronze Emma McLean Canada
2014 Bronze Simon Huang Canada
2013 Bronze Daniel Lovsted Canada
2011 Bronze Daniel Mitropolsky Canada

Honorable Mentions

Year Name Team
2016 James Hogan Canada
2016 Kevin Sun Canada
2016 Minh-Tam Nguyen Canada
2015 Ben Zhang Canada
2015 James Hyett Canada
2014 Minh-Tam Nguyen Canada
2013 Stella Lau Canada
2012 Harry Go Canada
2011 William Zhang Canada

Individual Contest Team Scores

Year Place Team
2014 2nd Canada

Best Solutions

Year Number Name Team
2016 1 Kevin Sun Canada
2014 3 Simon Huang Canada