Flag of Slovenia

Slovenia first competed in the IOL in 2008, and has competed in 9 olympiads. They most recently competed in 2016. They have sent 46 participants in 13 teams.

In competition, teams from Slovenia have brought home 5 medals (3 silver and 2 bronze), 4 best-solution prizes, and 8 honorable mentions.

In addition, Slovenia has sent 2 Repeat Medalists to the Hall of Fame.

Team Slovenia is selected based on the results of nationwide competitions in logic, which also include problems in linguistics, organised by Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia (Zveza za tehnično kulturo Slovenije).

Individual Contest Medalists

Year Medal Name Team
2016 Silver Matija Lovšin Slovenia
2014 Silver Lara Jerman Slovenia
2012 Silver Rok Kaufman Slovenia 1
2015 Bronze Matija Lovšin Slovenia
2011 Bronze Rok Kaufman Slovenia

Honorable Mentions

Year Name Team
2014 Uroš Prešern Slovenia
2013 Lara Jerman Slovenia
2013 Uroš Prešern Slovenia
2012 Valentina Prevc Slovenia 1
2012 Lara Jerman Slovenia 2
2011 Mateja Hrast Slovenia
2010 Tadej Novak Slovenia 1
2010 Anja Bregar Slovenia 2

Best Solutions

Year Number Name Team
2015 1 Matija Lovšin Slovenia
2011 2 Rok Kaufman Slovenia
2010 4 Tadej Novak Slovenia 1
2008 2 Miha Čančula Slovenia